This diamond shaped pendant is made with a thick brass base, 2cm by 2cm.
This brass is textured and has a patina to accentuate the details.
Rectangular cabochon is made out of natural black horn.
Horn has been cut, sanded and polish by hand.
The bezel is sterling silver and has three little silver balls as decoration.
Bail is made out of silver too.

The chain is 18 inch long sterling silver, thin and delicate.

All metal parts have been handcrafted from recycled sterling silver and brass.
Our raw horns are sourced from renewable resources, it's recycling a waste product from the meat industry and as a result preventing it from ending up in landfill.
By using controlled organic raw materials we are supporting the environment and preserving a long tradition of native craftsmen, that for generations used natural materials in a friendly and harmoniously manner.

Geometric Pendant